Furniture Upholstery Pasadena California

Furniture upholstery Pasadena California Furniture Upholstery Pasadena in California is a local furniture upholstery service restoration with high demand and growing in the upholstery industry now serving residents in Pasadena, CA. Manny Lopez a veteran upholsterer and a certified craftmanship with over 25 years of experience in business will restore your furniture with traditional and moderm techinques.

We provide a select range of furniture restoration including sofas, drapery, chairs, wood refinishing and canning. The experts in residential and commercial upholstery furniture. Also, we build new custom sofas, sectional sofas, love sofas and restauratn seats. Pasadena Upholstery Services by Manny Lopez.

Create a fun and beautiful sofa, banquet, chair or ottoman that fits your space in your home or local business in Pasadena. We are near you to help in your project. .

We are number one company rated online serving upholstery services to local residents in Pasadena. Beautiful designs and gorgeous upholstery fabrics for your furniture.

Free customer service online or by phone (323) 706-9552




Sofa Repair Pasadena, CA

We are specialist reupholstering sofas, sectional sofas or love sofas. Sofa restoration is a common upholstery service at our local upholstery shop. Custom sofa repair residential or commercial use. Sofa restoration services in Pasadena. Upholstery sofa repair services and reupholstery. Sofa upholstery customization at lowest prices for your pocket.

Professional Certified Upholsterer in Pasadena, CA

Upholstery Shop Pasadena CaliforniaOur specialist do not work only in upholstery, we also do custom made furniture upholstery for sofas and chairs in Pasadena. If you are a local resident looking for upholstery services, you are in the right place.

We are the leading upholstery local shop near Pasadena, serving the community with Free Pick-up and Delivery for any furniture you have.

We perform best quality restoration furniture services in Pasadena, CA. We give the best prices compared with local competitors in Pasadena. Tell us your project, then, take some photos and send us. We are able to answer you any question how to upholstery your furniture. For fast service schedule we provide free Online Consultation. Al our craftmanship are certified upholsterers in California.

Custom Patio Cushions Outdoor Furniture Upholstery Pasadena, CA

We design custom made patio cushions for residential furniture in Pasadena. Make your sofa cushions for your outdoor furniture. We are professional in the manufacture of custom patio cushions with best weather resistant upholstery fabrics. Sumbrella fabrics for patio cushions available upon request by catalog and samples ready for you. We do customization for sofa and chair outdoor for residential homes or mansions. Patio cushions replacement with new sunbrella fabrics ready to bring in the beautiful city of Pasadena in California.

Commercial Upholstery Pasadena California

Commercial upholstery Pasadena California

In Pasadena we provide commercial upholstery services with the most affordable prices for local business such us: restaurants, hospitals, cinemas, night clubs, casinos, professional offices, etc. Serving commercial upholstery services for local companies in Pasadena with high quality frames, fabrics and vinyls. We are Insured and bounded by California Estate.

We make new custom restaurant booths seats crafted and designed at specific measures. We carry vinyl for restaurant booths located in the City of Pasadena.

We do all types of commercial upholstery service for hotels, restaurants, cinemas or theaters and businesses in Pasadena City. We refurbish chairs and sofas hospitality or guest waiting rooms. We do any kind of commercial upholstery for small companies and corporations. We offer hight quality standars upholstery materials and excellent craftsmanship for your business. We work acording to your budget plan.

Commercial upholstery service in Pasadena, CA is the best options for business owners when reupholstering your seats. You can save extra money reupholstering seats instead of buying new seats for your buisness. You can match fabric colors you want at our upholstery shop. We also do upholstery wood refinishing. Retouching your sofa or chair will look like new and unique to your customers. Feel free to contact us: (323) 706-9552. Manny Lopez (owner). WATCH OUR GALLERY


Wall Upholstery Pasadena California

For wall upholstery services visit our webpage at Wall Upholstery Services for Pasadena City, CA.


Restaurant Booths Upholstery Pasadena California

Restaurant booth upholstery Pasadena California

Restaurant Booths or Charis Custom Made in Pasadena

At our upholstery shop we provide upholstery for any type of furniture in any fabric color and styles. We carefuly upholster all types of traditional and modern restaurant booths for restaurannt decoration and design.

We bring new life to your restaurant booths with quality vinyls and wood frames made for long life use. We will revive your restaurant booths seats, so your customers can now relax in comfort and eat your best delicious plate food. Get a free restaurant booth restoration quote today.

Restaurant booths reupholstery and custom made booths for any restaurant. Commercial booths upholstery services for hotels, motels, casinos, malls business, hospitality boots reupholstery services in Pasadena California.

Affordable restaurant booths reupholstered at extra low costs for your business. Expert craftsmanship ready to work in your restaurant seats. We fix frame booths, new vinyl booths, chair restaurant upholstery and reupholstery services. We offer free quote in Pasadena, CA. WATCH OUR GALLERY

Competitive Upholstery Services Pasadena, California

If you are looking for upholstery services in Pasadena, you have 8 reasons why you should consider when you hire our  team:

  1. Great customer service
  2. Free quote to your location
  3. Free pick-up and delivery
  4. We carry upholstery fabric at wholesale price
  5. Warranty included
  6. Design help and advice in all projects at no extra cost
  7. Affordable prices (lower prices compared with competitors in your area).
  8. Insured and bounded by California Estate

Call us for a free inspection in Pasadena. Get free quote today by calling 1-323-706-9552.

Chair Upholstery and Reupholstery Pasadena

White chair reupholstered in Pasadena California

Custom chair upholstery and reupholstery in Pasadena City. Serving dinning room chair reupholstery services and custom made frame chair and refinishing.

Our knowledgeable staff provides hight quality upholstery chair residential or commercial chair upholstery in Pasadena California. Let us bring your furniture to our upholstery shop near your area in Pasadena. From simple recovering or complete chair refurbishing, let our craftsmanship enhance your furniture with superior upholstery restoration. We handle from small to big quantities. 100% customer satisfaction in full upholstery chair or reuphosltery near City of Pasadena. Free Quote (323) 709-9552

Do not hesitate to contact us to request any of our upholstery furniture services we have. Our upholstery chair services is available 24 hours. Free Online consultation.

Upholstery Chair is a professional service provided by Manny Lopez (a professional upholsterer serving the great city of Pasadena in California). WATCH OUR GALLERY

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