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Upholstery Furniture in Los Angeles  was founded by Manny Lopez. A veteran experienced upholster who has spent his whole life working as carpenter and upholsterer in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, CA.

We are new local upholstery shop opening business for all local residents and local business operating at 1861 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018.

A strong story from my heart. By Manny Lopez (Author & Founder)

My Name is Manny Lopez, I am proud to tell you a brief story of my life and how I started my upholstery business.

Since I was 10 years old, my single mother sent me alone from Guatemala to cross the border(El otro lado) of USA looking for a job to help my mother in Guatemala in 1964. After that, I grew up working in a small garage in the downtown Los Angeles, I had to work cleaning and painting wood frames at that time.

I was honest, smart and very active guy. Later when I was 15 years old, I was able to handle and operate without any problem most tools used in carpentry department of the shop. One year later I was really good making new frames for chairs and sofas for customers. I learned how to upholster sofas and chairs from others coworkers and friends.

Since 1979 I have helped business man, homeowners, shop furniture owners, professional offices owners such us: lawyers, doctors, architects, and realtors. I discovered the design elements that make their spaces unique by using my  upholstery very well experience skills.

Having upholstered for all types of residential and commercial sofas, chair, slipcovers, and patio cushions. I believe we have the skills you need and deserve for your particular upholstery project you may have in mind. Call me (323) 706-9552, I will be happy to work for you.

About Us furniture upholstery in Los Angeles by Manny Lopez

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By Manny Lopez (upholsterer in Los Angeles, California)